A New Role for Jamie Hart

A New Role for Jamie Hart

Jamie Hart is now spearheading the gambling division at Conquer Technology, marking a significant shift in his impressive career. With prior stints as an executive director at Tabcorp and a director of innovation at William Hill, Hart's appointment is set to infuse fresh energy and insights into Conquer Technology's initiatives.

Hart embarked on his new journey after his path crossed with Conquer Technology’s Chief Commercial Officer, David Carter, during an innovation competition at William Hill. This chance meeting has now evolved into a promising collaboration aimed at revolutionizing the gambling sector.

Focus on Small-Scale Innovation

Conquer Technology specializes in small-scale technical innovation, offering full-service development solutions to its clients. The company is instrumental in helping firms navigate the complexities of gambling regulation and Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, while also pioneering new betting products and bet types.

A key aspect of Conquer Technology’s mission is to provide betting operators with the freedom to experiment and innovate, unencumbered by the financial and operational hurdles that typically come with in-house development.

Challenges and Opportunities

Hart is no stranger to the myriad challenges facing the gambling industry today. Operators often struggle with the constraints of in-house innovation, bogged down by bureaucratic delays and inflated costs. This is where Conquer Technology steps in, offering a more efficient and cost-effective alternative.

"Integration is typically the biggest issue for betting companies, and that will be our number one target," says Hart. His vision for Conquer Technology is clear: to simplify the operational landscape for operators, making it easier for them to manage increasingly complex projects.

In today’s environment, the complexity of managing projects has escalated, with far more stakeholders involved compared to two decades ago. By outsourcing efforts to Conquer Technology, operators can sidestep these complications, leading to quicker project turnaround times and substantial cost savings.

A Vision for the Future

Jamie Hart’s ambitions extend well beyond addressing the current challenges. He envisions a future where Conquer Technology plays a pivotal role in helping firms adapt to the ever-evolving regulatory landscapes. The launch of Conquer Technology’s gambling division is not just a significant step for the company, but for the entire industry as well.

Hart is particularly keen on tackling the innovation challenges within the Tote’s products, an area historically difficult to reinvent. "There’s a lot more I want to do and change [in gambling], and the Tote’s product was difficult to innovate," he notes. In his new role, Hart has the broader scope to implement his visionary ideas, unbound by the limitations of his previous positions.

With the industry watching closely, Hart and his team at Conquer Technology are poised to push the boundaries of innovation in gambling. Their efforts aim to empower operators to experiment freely and bring novel betting products and experiences to the market.


Jamie Hart’s passionate commitment to overcoming the industry's hurdles and driving innovation is evident in his words:

  • "Integration is typically the biggest issue for betting companies, and that will be our number one target." - Jamie Hart
  • "It might be quicker and cheaper to do those [projects] with us than in-house." - Jamie Hart
  • "There certainly seem to be a lot more people involved in projects now than there were 20 years ago. I'm hoping we can provide a unique outsourcing model." - Jamie Hart
  • "There’s a lot more I want to do and change [in gambling], and the Tote’s product was difficult to innovate." - Jamie Hart

As Jamie Hart steps into his new role at Conquer Technology, the industry anticipates a wave of innovative solutions and strategic advancements. With a focus on overcoming integration challenges and providing a unique outsourcing model, Hart's leadership promises to usher in a new era of efficiency and creativity in the gambling sector.